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January 28
[January 27 Networking Reception]



CEUs available for Tennessee Professionals

Keynote Speakers

Jamie Wright
Tim Kimmel

Session Speakers

Nathan Katona
Lauren Strickland
Steve Ettinger
Dana Watson
Jill & Carl Toth
Carol Buckley Frazier


Whole Child Initiative defines caregiver as any individual responsible for the care of a child. A caregiver can be a biological, adoptive, or foster parent, or anyone striving to meet the needs of a child. Whole Child Conference aims to encourage, educate, and equip caregivers with the training and support needed to minister to the whole child. The conference will focus on the four key areas of the Whole Child Initiative: physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual.

“Whole Child Initiative is a simple way to look more closely at the children we love. It’s not enough to feed and house them- that’s obvious- but we are exploring how to understand who they are and how we can help them.  If we ask good questions, we will discover strengths to build on and identify opportunities for development. This conference introduces how to do this, and its my hope that people will leave better equipped to proactively impact the lives children.”
Drake Bassett, CEO ChildX.




Whole Child Conference was developed with one goal in mind – to strengthen caregivers. In a relaxed environment, attendees will hear from influential speakers, gain insights on helpful resources, and enjoy the fellowship of other caregivers in the community.

Past Speakers

Kimberly Carraway
Elizabeth Power
Chancelor Coffey
Carol Buckley Frazier
Sherman Bucher
Mary Hood
John Fuller
Tyrone Flowers
Jackie Gillespie
Deborah Gray
Lacy Tolar
Parker & Jess Manuel

Past Talks

Protecting Your Child from Trafficking & Internet Safety
Not What I Signed Up For: When It’s Hard To Care
Fostering Faith in Children from Hard Places
Helping Children Develop a Love of Reading and Writing
Active Learning Strategies
Overcoming Shame: What Your Children Need From You
Making Your Marriage A Priority When Parenting Is Hard
Physical Fitness: It's a Family Effort
Moving Children - Roots and All
Foster Care - It's a Family Affair
Whole Child Initiative: What is it?
Spiritual Growth in Children
Honoring Birth Families
Finding Time for Self-Care



// Individual

$75 Per Ticket

Group of 10-19

Save $10 // Ticket

$65 Per Ticket

Group of 20-49

Save $15 // Ticket

$60 Per Ticket

Group of 50+

Save $25 // Ticket

$50 Per Ticket